Shaw Hill

Governor Profiles

Parent Governors 

Mrs Tomina Khanom

I have been a teacher for 12 years at a local all through school in Birmingham. Working in education has given me the insight and experience necessary to understand the workings of a school and the components that ensure it runs efficiently, and has given me the skills, experience and enthusiasm needed to enhance the quality of education for our children. My current role requires me to conduct data analysis, review pupil performance, and as well maintain a high standard of teaching and learning. Working with parents/carers to support pupils’ learning is an integral part of my role and something I am extremely effective at and do so on a daily basis. I constantly see the impact of meaningful communication with parents/carers on progress, achievement and behaviour. My current role as a teacher of Business Studies and Computer Science also requires me to listen to and respond to feedback from parents/carers when they have queries. Moreover, I have a good working relationship with parents and staff at all levels.

I have two children attending Shaw Hill School and I would like to be a more proactive and positive influence at the school. I strongly identify with the school’s emphasis on family and community, especially feel parental involvement and active participation is key to ensuring all children are successful. As a resident of the area and a parent, I relish the opportunity to be instrumental in changes that will make an impact in a community school.

Annual Declaration of Business Interests (Financing of Maintained Schools Regulations 1999)

A teacher at Waverley School

Term expires - 31/12/25


Mrs Sobia Malik

I am a mother of 2 and a full-time foster carer. I have been doing this for the past two years. 

I have access to ongoing training which relates to safeguarding children and how this relates to their education and also providing support to children. 

Previously, I have worked in private day care nurseries. I have over 10 years' experience of doing this. I hold a NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Childcare qualification. 

I am very open-minded and with my past experiences, I am a good decision maker in how to support children with their needs.  

Term expires - 4th April 2026


Co-opted Governors

Mr Mohammad Ali

I am a governor on Shaw Hill School’s governing body. I am an IT professional (data analyst) and have been working in the education sector since 2006 in various roles within the civil service and public sector. I currently work as a senior executive officer (SEO) grade for the Education Funding Agency (EFA) which is an executive agency of the Department for Education (DfE). My current and previous roles at the EFA involved dealing with the funding allocations, coordinating academy conversion, producing management-information statistics and managing various projects.

The reason I became a governor was to play an active role in the continuing success of the school using my experience, knowledge and skills I gained through various roles within the education sector. It’s my passion and desire to be part of a governing body that aspires for excellence through improving the teaching standards and hence raising the quality of learning in the classrooms.

Annual Declaration of Business Interests (Financing of Maintained Schools Regulations 1999)

A member of Trustees Board for Canterbury Cross Primary School.

Term expires - 20/01/26


Mr Amir Nawaz

I am the vice chair of the governing body and also the chair of the finance and staffing committee. Having had previous experience of this role, I feel I am fully able to hold the school to account and also ensure value for money.

In regards to my own education, I have acquired extensive knowledge from the different degrees that I have undertaken. I am educated to MSc degree level, ICT proficient, bilingual and have trained in conflict management.

Currently, I am working in a professional setting training to be a diagnostic radiographer.

Previously I have worked as a teacher; the role required me to provide a safe, stimulating environment for pupils to learn within the framework of equal opportunities. I also had to supervise the use of support staff allocated to the class and furthermore I was responsible for the efficient and effective use of learning aids in the classroom. Moreover in regards to health and safety I had a duty of care towards the pupils in my class, pastoral care formed a vital part of my former vocation.  I have been able to gain an understanding of the new 2014 national curriculum and look forward in supporting the school in its implementation.

I am passionate about the role the school plays in the community and as an advocate for education; I consider it a privilege to be a school governor.

Annual Declaration of Business Interests (Financing of Maintained Schools Regulations 1999)


Term Expires - 0712/26


Mr Khalid Din

I am a Head Teacher of a local primary school; I have substantial experience and understanding of Finance, HR, the Curriculum, Premises and Health and Safety. I am able to offer support with on-going developments, scrutinise key information, support the school in making key judgements and hold senior leaders to account for both their, and the schools performance.

I have attended a number of courses across a range of areas and I have considerable expertise in the areas listed below;

  • School DSL

  • Safeguarding training for DSL

  • Understanding and implementation of the 2014 Curriculum

  • SEND 2014 changes – training and compliance

  • Familiarisation and application of the OFSTED framework

  • Schools HR and Finance LA courses

  • Community Cohesion training and lead

I believe I will be an asset to the Governing Body as I have a lot of relevant experience in school accountability, financial management and strategic leadership; the three key areas the school identifies as priorities for the Governing Body.

Annual Declaration of Business Interests (Financing of Maintained Schools Regulations 1999)

Governorships of other educational establishments: headteacher at Canterbury Cross Primary School.

Term expires - 10/10/25


Local Authority Governor



Staff Governor

Mrs Tina Patel

I have been working at Shaw Hill Primary School since 2008 and have worked across the whole of the school.

Early in my teaching career, I taught in Year 5 for a number of years before moving onto teaching across the school as a PPA cover teacher where I had the opportunity to teach from Nursery to Year 6. I have been a Computing Curriculum leader where I supported staff across to the school to teach and deliver the computing curriculum. I have also organised many enjoyable activity days for the children in school such as World Book Day and the Jubilee Celebration Day. 

I feel as a senior teacher at the school, I can participate in governing body meetings with enthusiasm and dedication that I feel the children at Shaw Hill Primary deserve. I have many transferable skills and I know that I can bring these skills to the meetings for the benefit of the whole school. 


Annual Declaration of Business Interests (Financing of Maintained Schools Regulations 1999): none

Term expires - 10/01/27



Mr Nadeem Bhatti

I qualified as a teacher by gaining my B.Ed (Hons) from Bradford University.  The four-year course allowed me to develop my skills through teaching in a variety of contexts, from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 2. I have also completed a PG.Dip in Literacy. Through this study, I was able to translate theory into practice with particular focus on EAL learners and the development of early literacy.

I have been involved in education for more than twenty years and through this period, have held a number of roles.  I have had the opportunity to work in six schools and the pleasure of teaching and leading teams across the primary range (Reception – Year 6) , as a deputy head teacher, assistant head teacher, class teacher and as a specialist teacher , responsible for identifying, grouping and teaching target groups, having established relevant programmes.  I have also worked as a literacy and numeracy manager, assessment and curriculum co-ordinator, SENCO and head of KS1 and KS2.

Currently, I have been Head teacher of Shaw Hill School for seven years. I have relevant and up to date training which has enabled me to effectively fulfil my role, this includes NPQH, safeguarding training, financial management, use of pupil premium funding, safer recruitment and prevent managers training.

For me the core purpose of school leadership is in providing, and being accountable for the effective leadership of the school and to have the ability to realise, as well as set clear goals. Together with the governing body, the Head Teacher, must provide a clear direction for the school and demonstrate commitment, ideas and energy, alongside organisational and administrative responsibilities. They should always have an awareness of ‘the bigger picture’ as there is need to appreciate the role of the school in the wider community and to bring a broader perspective to the strategic development and continuous improvement of the school. Having been Head Teacher at Shaw Hill School, I can say the schools expectations and aspirations are extremely high and in line with becoming an outstanding community school, as opposed to a school which simply exists in the community. It is a humbling thought to accept the children’s futures lie in your hands. Headship at Shaw Hill Primary is an awesome responsibility, but one I relish and enjoy.

Annual Declaration of Business Interests (Financing of Maintained Schools Regulations 1999): 

Governorships of other educational establishments: Co-opted governor of Canterbury Cross School and Westminster Primary School

Relationships with members of staff: Second cousin of Reception teacher and husband of Year 3/4 teacher