Shaw Hill


Literacy Zone

Bug Club:

Reception, Years 1 and 2 use your username and password to log in. KS2 you will be given a log in for Bug Club in September.  

Oxford Owl e books:

Ask your parents to help create an account for this. It is free! 

Oak Academy:

This link is the website you used during lockdown. It is also the website for all your summer school reading and writing activities.      

BBC Bitesize:

This website has lots of useful activities for reading and writing as well as lots of other subjects. The quizzes are great!      

Children’s Storybooks:

This website has lots of stories for you to read. Some of the stories have an audio version too!                                                                                   


You will find lots of lovely audio books on this site so you can listen to somebody else read a story! Scroll down for the printed version of the story so you can follow as they read!                                          


If you fancy reading some poetry, then this website is fantastic as you can listen to poets reading their own poetry.                     


The following link will take you to lots of interactive spelling and grammar games.     


Summer Reading Challenge 

Click here for more information on how to take part!                         


Short Burst Writing Activities

Activity 1 - In My Suitcase

Activity 2 - My Favourite

Activity 3 - A Day in the Life

Activity 4 - Alien Instructions

Activity 5 - My Dream Design

Activity 6 - Describe in Detail

Activity 7 - What Happens Next

Activity 8 - Tell The Story

Activity 9 - By the Seaside

Activity 10 - A Letter to the Headteacher

Writing Stimulus Pictures

At Home

Beach picnic

Beach scene

Birthday Party




Healthy Eating





Summer Garden


Swimming pool

Under the Sea


Extra Resources

Alternative Adjectives Vocabulary Grid

Alternative Verbs Vocabulary Grid

Emotion Thesaurus Vocabulary Grid

-ing Openers Word Mat

Story Setting Description Writing Frames

Creative Writing Challenges Powerpoint