Shaw Hill


History is taught throughout the school.  In the foundation stage it comes under the heading Knowledge and Understanding of the world.  In key stages one and two history is taught twice a year to allow pupils to gain as much in-depth knowledge about their topic as possible.  Topics are wide-ranging and cross-curricular links are made wherever possible to a range of other subjects.  During their time at Shaw Hill, children will learn about time periods ranging from the Stone Age to the Victorians.

At Shaw Hill we promote learning through a variety of ways; primary and secondary sources give children the opportunity to look at replica artefacts from many time periods as well as using written information, personal accounts and pictures.  Children learn about how history has shaped the world around us and have the opportunity to compare and contrast the achievements of many different civilizations.

Time lines are used throughout the school so that key events are placed in the correct periods of time, therefore developing chronological understanding.  Pupils are taught to recognise that the past is represented and interpreted in different ways.