Shaw Hill


Our school works towards ensuring that your children will view mathematics with pleasure, developing a positive attitude through practical, oral and written activities. The 2014 update to the National Curriculum provides a comprehensive teaching programme which is used by Shaw Hill Primary School on a daily basis. The children will learn all age related content domains, for example: to measure, weigh, tell the time, use money, recognise 2d and 3d shapes and how to use numbers in many problem solving activities.

In earlier year groups, the children have at least 45 minutes of mathematics teaching every day, building to at least one hour in Key Stage 2. Computers, I pads, interactive whiteboards, visualisers and digital roamers are used throughout the school to aid children with their understanding of all mathematical content domains.

All children have access to a wide range of concrete resources to support their learning. Emphasis is placed initially on practical work and the language of mathematics so foundations are laid for future learning. As soon as the skills are learnt, lessons then develop into using and applying the skills with an expectation that children will achieve mastery in the skill through challenging reasoning activities and investigations.

Arithmetic plays a vital part in the children’s mathematical learning. Our aim is to enable pupils to perform number operations mentally with confidence and enthusiasm.

Timestable Rockstars is a new initiative that the school has introduced so that all pupils can practise and apply their timestable knowledge to solve more complex problems. All pupils have access to the timestable rockstars website which can be found at:

Homework is set weekly and an emphasis is placed on practical activities in the early years with more problem solving and reasoning activities provided throughout KS1 and KS2.