Shaw Hill


Sports Premium

At Shaw Hill Primary School we believe that PE and sport should develop children’s enjoyment, confidence and skill in physical activity, whilst promoting personal, social, intellectual and physical development. PE and sport is about introducing children to the world of sport and physical activity, which, combined with an enjoyment of exercise, will hopefully provide the foundations for a healthy, active adult lifestyle. Therefore we aim to offer our children nothing but the best with regards to their PE and sports provision.

To help us meet this aim we have distributed some of our Sports Premium allocation for 2021/22 to cover the costs of providing excellent, varied provision and increasing our use of the apparatus and equipment.  This also involves ensuring our resources are up-to-date, safe and of a high quality.  We will also continue to provide a workshops that teach children skills and sports that they might not ordinarily take part in.  During the summer term, all of Key Stage 2 had the opportunity to swim weekly in an onsite pool.  Some of the Sports Premium funding was used to provide this experience.